Library Benefits


welcome to our complimentary Review

This module is being made available to you – to provide a holistic review of the quality-rich content in our Digital Capability Library. We are presenting Module 1.0 and 1.1 of our Innovation Module, which is the strategic heart of our transformation platform. mobileLACE’ Library of assets was built to be a formidable addition to your cache of competitive digital advantages.

What You will Learn

We provide a “context” overview for each capability module; as well as a “new subject primer” and “mindset” stance for each capability in our library. Then our Modules, Sessions and Exercises follow to make these concepts real. (Note: Exercises are not provided in your individual complimentary review.)

  • Below is a quick story about the origin of the mobileLACE Digital Capability Library, and a description of our beneficial “How To” approach. 
  • You will learn how we built solution options from experientially tested models that will organically embed consistent innovation into your enterprise, so – even as a large entity, you can compete like a start up.
  • You will see how new ROI opportunities reveal themselves as you apply the mobileLACE approach.
  • You will learn how a natural, cultural evolution can dynamically support your growing 21st century digital transformation.


  • Uncover how you can see around the corner – to peek at what you can expect to plan next, as you move forward. 
  • Discover how one prioritized, contextual, feature can become a baseline to use for approaching shifts in other orgs or verticals across your enterprise.
  • Feel how complete our Full Plan Configuration is – as we point out topics from other capabilities in the library, you might need to prep for proper implementation of change despite hidden dependencies.
  • Review how we built our library with seamless integration – so you could build out your competitive edge holistically and efficiently. 

Let us walk you through our complimentary library module: