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  • 541611—Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services 
  • 541511—Custom Computer Programming Services 
  • 611430—Professional and Management Development Training 
  • 611420— Computer Training 
  • UNSPSC 80101604—Project administration/planning 
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executive summary

As a U.S., woman-owned company with over 25 years of experience bridging a path between business and technology we know what behavioral change means to customer satisfaction, key talent retention, and the bottom line. Assisting large entities in the midst of change – to continue to deliver dynamic customer value and meet the digital demand of fast-quality to market requires connecting the human and technical aspects of systemic shift. We help you do this to expedite tactical and strategic holistic results in the workplace. This allows our customer to create consistent innovation and reap the ROI benefits from HR to Finance from a peaceful sustainable cultural change.

The MobileLACE model enables you to train in-house and align TPV’s – to execute new policy and process with a DEIA agility cultural mindset because its embedded in the 12 capabilities of our products and services The founder, Robin Gregory – is an entrepreneur, liaison and Lean Agile Transformation Specialist – SPC5, SAFe for Government, and MIT certified AI for MLL Data solutions. She utilized her extensive experience with business intelligence to establish a socially current, innovative and professional training program that exudes respect and organic efficiency. mobileLACE blends 21st century Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) practices with the agility mindset to meet your customer’s preferences.


  • Experience-based testing of training/program materials during transformations in large entities; this provided evidence that modeling a solution to build internal government skills and alignment with TPV’s – by using DEIA agility, would enable institutional continuity and coherence.
  • Lean-Agile solutions have agile DEIA mindset embedded in processes and feedback loops to achieve successful holistic, yet dynamic workforce change.
  • Trainings are hosted in-person or instructor led on Zoomthey are interactive with ancillary material provided to assist with forward progress or gap risks.
  • Self Paced Online training for group and individual learning with support provided – to assist with personal assessment.
  • Designed training library content to be immediately additive in large entities without structural shift.
  • Trainings include data driven exercises that deliver a report (post trainings) to define gap areas and next level growth.
  • Our model offers next level growth programs that synchronously blend into training strategies that allow internal government growth and TPV alignment – post training.

executive summary

mobileLACE, LLC is a WBENC certified, WBE and WOSB company. The principal member of mobileLACE is a certified SAFe® for Government, SPC5 and certified LEAN Agile Enterprise Coach (OMEC). She has been an enterprise, program and team level consulting strategist, analyst and coach for Fortune 500 enterprises transforming from Waterfall over to Agile for Digital since 2005. 

Provides Sustainable, Holistic In-House Solution Concepts for Leaders – accompanied by Metrics that Matter

Guides collaborative Cross-Silo Planning for LEAN-Agile Implementation using a Strategic Absorption model

•Creates diverse (DEIA), Coalitions & Agile team Structures with the mobileLACE Agile Consistency Dynamic


  • We offer a fixed price model with multiple service and product purchase options to fit your contextual contract needs:
  • The broad or specific solution assessments & sustainability-mapping in our products enables integration of government mission and vision future growth strategy with TPV execution.
  • We provide data-driven solution options that help you to deliver valuable customer functionality or experiences using diversity communications, equity processes, quality approaches for accessibility and speed efficiencies in our model.
  • Our services, products and training solutions promote life-long learning, are easy to navigate, access and implement using 12 capabilities that help modernize and advance legacy systems to reflect 21st century culture and technology.
  • Trainings are built with hands-on experience gathered during large-scale efforts to re-design or improve human and technological business systems making them immediately additive.
  • Our bi-modal approach with templates and tools so innovation can occur at your preferred absorption rate – a holistic approach to your short and longterm needs.

Past performance



CONSULTANT – ( 2 – 5M) Strategized with leaders to integrate business with technology into first-ever attempt at an enterprise Agile transformation. Trained and certified all Product and Program Managers with SAFe® POPM; assisted portfolio planning leaders with base activities to align program and team needs for changing SDLC, instituted feedback looping process to enable cultural change.



ACCENTURE ( $1-6M) huge data transformation effort – assisted new PO integrating mission and vision with off and onshore teams

CONSULTANT to FTE ( $6-12M) supported L.A.C.E. in assisting human and mechanical enterprise systems to move from a volume to value model and mindset (worked with org leaders, coached people on 13 Trains within Finance, Data and Sales.)

John Kelly

John Kelly

Segment CIO-CTO, Cigna

“Robin is a fantastic coach and helped my delivery organization transition from waterfall to Agile. She isn’t a coach who repeats the material from the agile books; she listens, analyzes the goals of the organization and then pulls from her war chest of personal experience to make the coaching experience meaningful for team members. She’s great at what she does, and I hope our paths cross again!”

Sony: Game show Network

Gaming and Digital Media

FTE ($1-6M) Assisted executive team in building long-term strategy solution by embedding short-term agile needs Oversaw enterprise assessment to implement a Balanced Scorecard with metrics aligned to mission and vision.

Christian Meyer

Christian Meyer

Senior VP & General Manager, Sony

“Robin is one of my favorites. A totally unique blend of extraordinary subject matter expertise, laughter and humility that makes her immediately additive. She also has an emotional intelligence about her that lets her quickly integrate with any level of an organization. Highly recommend!”

CBRE- Realty Finance

Commercial Real Estate – REIT

FTE ($1-6M) Developed risk return model pre-IPO for CRE – covering 50 regions and 5 property types built meta library with subjective

Mass Mutual

Finance & Insurance

FTE: Cutting Edge Financial Retirement Instrument – coordinating and elaborating requirements across 12 org leaders within the enterprise to see new investment mission and vision through to implementation.

The Hartford

Finance & Insurance

FTE: Digital transformation underway. Expanded across the enterprise by bringing in architecture at all portfolio level to development with Leading SAFe certifications for that org.



CONSULTANT: ( 7mm) Executed initial strategy to transform and or dispose of real property highest and best use acquired during M&A but not applicable to core business. Link to podcast.


Manufacturing: International Packaging

FTE: Transformed safety and compliance manuals per machine line; connecting them into a software model that allowed engineering to see sales orders and promises to customers as an ROI loss gap.

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