Kick Market Delay to the Curb

Consistent Agility Dynamic & Finance as a Service meets Sustainable Profitability

The 4th Industrial Revolution didn’t just arrive,

It has been moving toward us gradually since Ford created the assembly line – our first foray into automation; this strategy built predictability into repeatable manufacturing processes.

In our current revolution, the evolution of automation for software demands that we consistently exert brainpower into agile and algorithmic strategies to create consistent sustainability as we deal with constant change.

When we fail to do this with digital – unlike Ford, we risk becoming irrelevant or left behind. 

Ford employees posed outside at South Lake Union assembly plant - Delay to Market
Ford employees posed outside at South Lake Union assembly plant, Seattle, 1916

FINANCE and agility

You cannot inject relative value into new capabilities, or enhance technical or business functionality with automation to reach short term financial gains if you do not have a general long view of the evolving capability.

Change is the constant for digital functionality.

Unless Finance is putting consistent agility into budgets – even when you intend on basting-in relative value in small increments, you cannot be sure functionality will get to market in time, or with quality if you have no understanding of what it takes to actually deliver it holistically. Sampling what you might invest in over the long haul is a great validation for budget approval, but only if the sample proves valuable. It’s a bit of the chicken and the egg.

To get started with kicking delay to the curb – to sample real agility, you must put foundational processes in place:

  • Automation Prioritization: mobileLACE workshops build a solid pre-scale formula or mid-stream pivot plan to build and automate what you need to deliver.
  • Finance as a Service: shifting linear accounting approaches to proactive processes that deliver metric data that gives you real intel for an evolving digital flow.
  • Decentralized decision-making and employee empowerment: creates personal accountability and intrinsic motivation by distributing responsibility as activities grow and learning curves occur no one burns out

In a world where there is not enough time to keep up with disruptive creative thinkers, an agile consistency dynamic -that’s sustainable, is an organic way for large entities to shift with some predictability. Too much enterprise or institutional change at one time make the butterfly effect a never ending, unnecessary and harsh-reality for business systems.

Whereas, understanding one’s absorption rate and applying just enough agility – with innovation, can actually become “sustainably profitable” for large entities that evolve their agile consistency dynamic into a long term economically circular view.

Let’s talk about What profitable sustainability IS…

There’s an excitement about addressing the execution and delivery of business value to market while simultaneously considering the all-important global issues we’re negatively reminded of daily; this is resilience in action! The need to create sustainability (a personal economic well-being path for the business impacts to society and environment) is a priority for continuing to do business. Let’s explore how solving inter-connected complexity along side core business as usual can be profitable?

brand Fondness for B Corps

As an added benefit when you achieve the full sustainability that mobileLACE is advocating here, you organically trigger an intrinsic motivation inside your culture, and an external marketplace fondness for your brand. We have optional models for you to review – based on your context, included in our mobileLACE platform.

There is no Planet B to conduct business upon, at least not yet. Because we are all economically interconnected -often in a nonlinear manner – global issues will continue to haphazardly impact local markets and vice versa ad infinitum; therefore, sustainability in our complex world cannot be ignored. Making sustainability part of strategy is not just noble, it is economically SMART.

As a global society we previously did business linearly. Changes on earth from that approach now demand that we ask, “how can we shift our processes into a circular, no MUDA direction for continued economic development in a resource constrained world?” How do we consciously configure the true cost for our everyday use of earth into our contextual, 4th industrial revolution, business activities?

Adopting the B Corp approach will enable you to kick core business delay to the curb – by using agile consistency. Then as you make small or big strides towards your digital transformation you might pay forward an innovative reversal for: ecological damage done to earth from past business actions or another global issue (there are 20+ major issues you can choose.) Innovating inside your own enterprise or institution will likely bring some kind of disruptive sustainable profit as well as brand fondness. The Levi Strauss Co. is making great strides here!

Attracting & Retaining top Talent

This sustainability process enables a performance-enhancing attitude that attracts talented, intelligent people who care about global issues; demographically this is especially important to millennials, and loved ones coming up behind them who have a longer stay ahead of them on our planet!  

creatively building better business

So what does sustainability look like for a large organization? It is the enterprise or institution enabling internal employees to contribute to the world – and the company’s bottom line, with something that is beneficial for both; mobileLACE, concerned with building better business, to build a better world uses an organic strategy in transformation that’s outside the norm but practical – so that large entities can accomplish this goal like a start-up.

growing NEW ROI Opportunities

Finding a way of “doing” something good that contributes to both people, and planet “being” well and hitting on a mutual benefit that in the long run captures profits, is rewarding. This intrinsically motivating concept gets traction from creative innovators whose passion is infectious; as they personally feel the elevated worth from being a contributor to “the greater good” others with creative ideas will want “in” on this too.

Your capital investment, your infectious, passionate employees and mobileLACE processes can elevate your ROI potential! You are likely to see levels rise above current core business – without expending traditional purchase costs and disrupting the organic cultural flow you’ve started to put in place for digital transformation.

To paraphrase Colin Lenaghan, Global Senior Vice President of Net Revenue Management PepsiCo, during his podcast interview on Me, Myself and AI:

We need the common backward-looking tools to change into uncommon forward-looking longer-term vision.  Taking real time AI data and using it to drive the business impact internally is key.  

a mobilelace journey

mobileLACE agrees with Colin’s organizational view. We have been incorporating sustainability and FaaS into our plans, boot camps and products since 2019 so that we can all find a way to transform profitably and sustainably.

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Build a Better Business, to Build A Better World!

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