Agile Consistency is the New Predictability in the Hybrid Age

The 3 P’s – People, Planet and Profit

The root cause for digital constraints in an enterprise usually show up as Old predictability symptoms like:

  1. Delay to market
  2. Metrics that do not match the ongoing agile adoption
  3. Too much time putting out fires

Delay to market happens for a myriad of reasons but it is never fun. The Why is often contextually triggered by human communications – to older system upgrades. The What can be many caused by things geography, market-related, can be linked to resources or systemic. The How – might be a compliance issue that mandated a critical stop, or hidden dependency gaps; maybe, you just missed your window to go to market due to a million other possibilities.

Delay to market: everybody has their own special memory.

Let’s look at why big enterprise and institutions experience delay to market so often with software builds, and look at potential solutions that avoid several consequences when competitive delays impact your investment return.

New technology organically changes old business models!

The ideal time-to-market for new technology often requires having real time data to validate the need to act quickly – especially, if you’re in Fintech or are a day trader.

However, if you are part of a legacy enterprise across any other industry or government agency just trying to get fundamental digital software value to customers with old models in place, it is not only data that you need to review to understand change, but multiple aspects of the cultural enterprise or institution.

You must determine what is needed to sustain your organically changing business model!

the 3P’s

People, Profit and Planet is what it takes to make meaningful changes to old business models today. This actionable, strategic and tactical implementation of new processes and mindset can quickly enable the delivery of cutting-edge digital technology to the market using the agile consistency dynamic.

The 3 P's of business sustainability: People, Planet, Profit. Agile Consistency - Delay to Market

“People” in this case are the Leadership team: change and scale efficiencies require leaders drive the cultural and business shifts of the old model into new ones that create meaningful change; this enables their big entity to get to market quickly with coherence, cost control, and quality.

“Profit” equals Process in the 3P’s equation because if your approach or process does not include enabling innovation, you might be disrupted before you even get to market. Using on-site business intelligence to optimize human processes, and reviewing data insights to differentiate – that optimization, can provide holistic, innovative solutions.

“Planet” what does this have to do with software delay to the market, metrics or time spent putting out fires, you’re asking?

In a world where few large entities show outward concern for the apparent depletion of natural resources and or disregard for the preservation of our planet – where we do business every day, being one who does care is extremely important. If concern is authentic – sprinkled with generative thinking, it can get you exactly what you need most: top talent, and fondness of brand.

Your bonus is the satisfaction that your contribution to sustainability will likely bring additional ROI profits.

The 3P’s approach is vital for attracting the best and the brightest who are well aware of action initiatives that promote lower carbon options, and or companies who commit to critical global issues that contribute to sustainability.

Why does big enterprise constrain itself?  

We – as a nation, have not fully considered Alvin Toffler’s concept of “Technik” discussed in his book, Future Shock. He said in the 70’s that technology, capital and identity must be integrated. Big enterprise and government often miss the inclusive and holistic preparation needed for alignment to occur inside large companies or agencies.

The concept for strategic integration is rarely presented before the go-ahead to build new technological solutions.

Older models and tools often handcuff creative teams – accountable for building the new software functionality with a different mindset, and can brand them as the opposing team instead of the newest model approach.

Proof that “we have not begun to grasp implications from the “human-technology co-evolution” is evident because we often leave the human aspect of transformation out of the business development equation entirely. This is not keeping both people and process in a seamless dance of holistic, beneficial growth that makes sustainable profits occur.

Can humans evolve at the same rate that technology is changing life? Is our psychological, philosophical, and scientific understanding of living on earth becoming more conscious as the behavioral changes that technology drives organically into our culture become more unmanageable? What will our business plans deliver for future generations?

the agile consistency dynamic

Cultural transformation should not be called change management – that’s what you call process changes for handling scope shifts and technical details. This process should be called the development of mindfully, creative intelligence inside a valuable business culture or cultural intelligence.

This kind of transcendence provides a more consistent and human way to prosper and grow; It is the result from using innovative techniques to create competitive technological products and services in an interconnected and diverse digital global business economy.

Most consequences for delay to market with new technology are considered financial. Unfortunately, the solutions I have seen correct the delay call for agile consistency: quick, high-quality, and on-time software delivery by humans who have the tools, mindset and support they need to execute. These tools are predominately psychological, cultural, and behavioral changes – needed for invisible issues that often innocently create the most capital intensive consequences.

toffler’s Technik of the 70’s

Agile consistency is all about integrating humanity and technology in the best possible way; so, we can live peacefully, productively and prosperously in a sustainable way together on earth. Alvin was right way back in the 70’s! Now, we have a front row seat to his foreshadowing – playing out in our life right now; therefore we also have a responsibility to become the leaders of sustainable change, to make a marketable difference in business and life.

mobileLACE Conference ‘Digital 101 for Executives’ offers the “How to” for enabling agile consistency.

So while today we talk about promoting democracy, tomorrow we will realize we should be promoting good Technik

Alvin Toffler

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Alvin Toffler - Agile Consistency - Delay to Market
Alvin Toffler

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