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Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all


Our new cultural consciousness – since Covid, has awakened a sleeping giant and this repressed archetype is demanding his due. Because of stagnant structural inequality, racial bias – reminiscent of the violent 1960’s, low levels of satisfaction at work and time to think U.S. businesses are experiencing the great resignation. We have seen emotional angst playing out in dysfunctional ways inside our institutions and enterprise’ for decades; several workforce demographics are outwardly demanding change.

What might come from not shifting into the new psychology for American digital business leaders? Logically this change – in line with the ongoing technology revolution and Late Modernist coming of age, could only enhance business profits and S&P sustainability.

As we evolve a healthier culture that is free to innovate and enhance the global issues we all face today we become drivers of positive disruption. The benefits of shifting and the risks of not become apparent as we follow the children of today hurdlingt heir milestones.

A Toddler’s educational Heuristics: Milestone 1

A toddler mimics his mother or father’s words of instruction as they point to a “red balloon”; parents and toddler are proud as the youth gains mastery over connecting language to meaningful symbols.

“The wheels on the bus go round and round” is a silly song with meaningful heuristics about transportation and people that are in a toddler’s life.  Another symbol of self-mastery or personal achievement. Learning this tune is still an educational rite of passage for little ones just learning to understand the relationship between people and things.

As the child joyfully sings this song we know we have reached the toddler’s heart, mind, and soul. This is the way it was intended! Why else do we have the ability to connect all three: our brain, source of compassion or empathy, and intuition.

This is not a common parenting style across the state borders of America.

Future digital Leaders: Milestone 2

Further into a child’s educational journey in the U.S. silliness becomes solemn. Scholastic achievement becomes a competition, and people cheering the child on change into different symbols like headmasters, grades, awards and accolades, or failure and disgrace.

Quality education becomes a matter of money often based on zip cod. We can only thank God or a higher power for the teachers who make a positive difference, no matter where they teach.

Because the future of our culture will be guided by our children – they “all” need a consistent and high quality education; failure in this space – especially post our technological revolution could: break democracy, obstruct free trade, further damage our inalienable rights.

Digital workforce mindset : Milestone 3

Our countries setup for learning has revealed ways that are no longer applicable for our 4th national industrial revolution; instead our structure appears antiquated in areas of content, its message and the resulting mental attitude.

We are not intrinsically motivating our young citizens to be the comparative advantage for our country’s future with psychological, technological or other transformative advancements. We are not providing for our grade and high school teachers or demanding high-cost institutions prepare our young adults for the “new” corporate or government digital workforce in an optimal fashion.

Our schools and higher educational institutions were structured as a means of developing a workforce for the 1st Industrial revolution – very different than today. Yet, these learning facilities still maintain the residual attitude for building resources instead of enabling creative, child-like, sentient beings – initially happy to change and grow as they learn new things and try them out.

Change is the end result of all learning.

Leo Buscaglia

national Changes influence culture

Our national and global evolution has removed the family as the primary source for delivering wisdom to children; however, neither our culture nor our educational systems have yet to plug this radical hole with value to preserve our nation’s future.  Instead, we argue about the truth of the past, and often do not record it accurately in our textbooks to create a staged cultural attitude filled with political opinion.

These scholastic decisions are made by majority influencers who promote the specific ideology of the day with short-sited laws. This approach benefits in place, antiquated work environments and their mindset; instead of revealing the genuine learning we experienced as a nation from past decisions and events to our future leaders we spin the textbook into slick propaganda. How does steering benefit businesses looking for a workforce that supports an ever-changing globe?

Lean – for industrial automation – since the1980’s

The Japanese adopted and then shared with us their Lean manufacturing processes and their associated principles which held space for the removal of waste, development of flow, and following value within a stream. This learning enabled U.S. car manufacturers to build better and compete more quickly – while maintaining quality. We have had these concepts in our arsenal for a long time, but have selectively incorporated them. We often miss the intention of the processes and their framework and do not enable the mindset needed to integrate them fully into our business workflow.

The Asian cultures puts more value on the concepts of saving face and understanding root cause; perhaps that is why they adopted the LEAN methods – to find holistic solutions for their constraints and deliver the best quality.

Made in america

We used to do this with “Made in America” and we can get back there with corporate and government leading the way by using ethical intelligence and the agile consistency dynamic to yield sustainable profitability.

Preparing our children for the workforce using conceptual theory without teaching them experientially – no matter their demographic location, is denying the existence of disruption risk in the United States. Unless parents are doing well enough with time and knowledge to teach the values needed but not broadly understood like: transparency, authenticity, eloquent listening and conversing vs. debating we will not cultivate the cultural shift needed to enable secure, sustainable, competitive digital value.

How will innocent children – the future of our nation, learn to live by the heart yet understand the transitioning world if we do not make a space for them to grow and or work in an environment that embraces creative forward thinking and is free of biased judgements?

Competitive edge

If change is the end result of all learning – we need corporate and institutional voices mandating national change for education be based on past learnings inside work environments, from school experiences and within our institutions who form personal cultural intelligence in the United States experience by experience?

Do you think there will be a point where our competitive edge will be gone if we do not nurture our people?

a sustainable future

At a time when angry and confusing images from television, video games, and social media posts flood the minds of our kids and enraged adults, we might consider building out an educational system that will deliver a curriculum and healthy mental model that connects new symbols for the changing collective consciousness of our nation’s culture.

We are responsible for ensuring a safer, more productive nation and a better world; this is our true legacy in the land of the free. Else, what will the result be should we choose not to invest our money and time into our young people and change our antiquated mental processes; what is the risk of not doing this – soon?

Perhaps, Singapore with the most progressive mindset will become the next leading economic superpower.

Diversity creates a future that demands broader brand trust, better niche product development, and reduced employee turnover. Turnover in the great resignation has been due to dissatisfaction around psychological conditions at the office, characteristics related to job (pay, hours) and the inability to have quality of life. 

If the children are the builders of our future then modernizing our educational systems from K-12 – and synchronously, our corporate and government mindset, processes, diversity inclusion and managerial approaches as a profit strategy would enrich and make coherent our country’s competitive innovation capability to stay ahead.

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