If you had the opportunity to travel to another planet with no chance of ever coming back to earth – would you go?

Changing Mindset and Process Seems Better Than Starting Over On Another Planet

Transformations from waterfall to agile for digital –

Automation, monolith decomposition for micro-services, and migration to cloud for a transformation that moves away from familiar waterfall development can seem like traveling to another business planet with no chance of ever going back to your old familiar office. 

Transformation changes things – usually in the name of profit, innovation or wellbeing! 

Experientially, I would say that agile transformations are definitely worth the effort and the ride; especially when you get to use the digital platform tools that have already begun to “change our life on earth” – like AI and global views due to big data, wireless and satellite.

Instead of hitching a ride on a rocket we might want to buy all-in and capitalize on the personal and business profits – that come from leaving behind institutional familiarity and moving toward digital transformation, by staying here on earth and contributing in a positive manner.

However, we have to change mindset and behavior to make things better!

Let’s look at our new earth terrain should we move mindset toward agile strategies and healthy algorithmic transformation; we can look at why we have a better chance of creating a balanced, happy life by staying here, and assisting with the reversal of negative global issues – instead of thinking we will do better by traveling to another planet forever.

Our new earth terrain – should we accept our transformation mission, looks like this:

  • An Agile mindset – transparent, authentic, honest and open minded – allowing new and innovative software delivery methods.
  • Continuous learning via training and collaboration – consistent feedback looping for scope validation, confirming the value of functionality delivered and a consistent agility dynamic leading to innovation.
  • Product or program roadmaps with customer sentiment, fitness functionality, efficient documentation that helps you shift and a fail fast mechanism built in.
  • Newly accountable and transparent roles for executing work – with fun, using ancient techniques for estimation; prioritization; communicating with one another.
  • Consistent environments, daily dependency management, and the demonstration of work to the client before it’s finished.
  • Humans who are self-organized, innovative, consciously mature and accountable.

Oh what a beautiful new planet it would be if we…

Staying Here and Making This Shift Is The Path To Take!

The change in our planet from shifting our mindset

  1. Interconnected sustainable solutions that help us see the high cost of doing business and running government without factoring in the daily use of our planet would reign supreme.
  2. People living together peacefully – with inclusion – rather than pragmatically revolting over rhetorical differences, would occur because they have an integrated mission.
  3. Finding purpose in doing good things at work, yet still having enough energy to enjoy ourselves at home!

Traveling to The new planet

  1. Starting over – really, ugh?
  2. Missing people you love that did not go with you.
  3. Never knowing the outcome of our transformational experiment in the U.S. and on earth.

Changing our mindset makes things so different than they were with the old way of doing business. Which is the predominant reason why anyone would leave and never come back to earth in the first place – right? We can experience something radically different right here, right now!

Do We care enough? Where’s our conviction of the heart?

Kenny Loggins

In the 21st century delivering on holistic solutions will: surely show us a way to cost-effectively clean our damaged oceans that feed so many, determine a de-salinization or other solution to provide clean water to all our people, determine a way to reverse global warming instead of re-building over and over the water swallowed counties, villages, towns and businesses, feel better as a nation as we use inclusion to create a balanced, more equitable future – flourishing from a group intelligence that will enable diverse innovation. Wouldn’t you rather change your mindset, then leave home for good?

Agile for digital requires processes that are good for our 21st century global circumstances, and the future of business and government. When executed organically they present a win/win for systems of people, process and planet.  We can automate to give time back for people to spend on innovation; build healthy personas as we allow skin in the game – to all in the game – building a more healthy society; give kudos where kudos are due no matter gender, status or race to ensure meaningful metrics and memorable experiences are part of our regular day.

transcending current state

Mutating the office into an atmosphere that is agile for digital with a galactic point of view doesn’t look so bad if you understand the psychology, physics and astronomy of a healthy universe. Leaving for – who knows where and never coming back – seems a bit more extreme to me!


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