Earth Day

Kids Care About Earth Too

I was born into the excitement of New York City

…and, blessed to spend my summers upstate at camp in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.   

In 1970 just before my family moved to Massachusetts – my Uncle (who worked at Rockefeller University – “science for the benefit of humanity”) along with my Dad, took my cousin and I to Greenwich Village to celebrate among thousands of other New Yorkers the first Earth Day.   

They had us make a sign that said,

Kids care about Earth, too.

My Dad was an engineer – who grew up on a farm and loved the feel of the earth in his hands; he transferred that reverence over to me.    Dad also loved doing the jitterbug, fishing, stargazing, making model airplanes and gardening; he had a green thumb – everything he touched grew and blossomed.   He was enthralled with the stars and the dirt – he said long ago, that they were essentially the same.

He planted every kind of fruit and flowering tree on our property – always reminding me that what we took from Mother Nature we had to give back to keep the balance of systems and flow.  He was a true engineer and before his time!   

Today on Earth Day – I am launching a company called mobileLACE

(the acronym L.A.C.E means Lean Agile Center of Excellence.) Our company provides a Digital Transformation Platform that enables large enterprise to organically and autonomously move from waterfall to Agile – to improve software development lifecycles and nurture a healthy cultural intelligence that supports corporate mission and vision – as well as the evolution of humanity. 

This is a consummate celebration Earth Day for me – a far cry from my sign in 1970.  

Not so far removed though from my mind is my Dad’s impression – with his mantra, give back what you take and nurture the Earth – our home, as a means of human accountability. 

The mobileLACE mantra is “Build A Better Business, Build A Better World”  – my wish for Earth Day 2021 is that we could all support this concept by doing something small but personal to make an Earth Day difference.


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Robin Gregory

CEO mobileLACE

Lean Agile Enterprise Coach, Business Enterprise Analyst, Digital Transformation Specialist, Writer. 25 years of business and technology experience.

mobileLACE is a team of intelligent advocates with a passion for sharing experiential knowledge about digital transformation. Our intention is to assist leaders in the 21st century marketplace by blending cultural intelligence with technological agility into our products and services.